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Thread: Calypso Orchid

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    Their symbiotic with a type of fungus.( like all orchids) Many orchids don't have or lose their fungus partner in cultivation though.

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    Ok, so I'll just hope that the fungus came along with the plant..
    I swear.. this orchid makes CP's look easy!

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    purplesundew- where did you get the Calypso? I know your friend got it but where did he/she obtain it? A store? Nursery?

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    OK nepenthes gracilis, finish that cup of coffee/tea. I think you fell asleep at the keyboard.
    it was taken from my friends private property that was being built on.. they didn't want to kill it but didn't know what to do with it so they gave it to me[/QUOTE]
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    Hi guys Just wanted to let you know that my Calypso orchid made it through the winter just fine. It's got one beautiful leaf so far and it looks to be putting up a few more. When it flowers I'll add a pic.. I just hope my move to OR doesn't affect it's flowering :/
    Does anyone else grow these now? Anyone have any advice for this growing season?

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