I had bought a couple Paph hybrids at Target last summer, both with only one growth and one flower. The dark mottled leaf one has done OK and made a second growth but the light green mottled leaf one has made an incredible 4 growths and one small 2" high offshoot that I potted seperately as it came loose when I was removing the old soil. I moved the mass of 4 growths into an 8" clay pot with a mix of all new soil mix of:
sphagnum peat, pearlite, orchid bark, charcoal and LFS tonight. It looks to be a better mix than what was in the 4" pot it came in.

I was real bad about fertilizing these orchids (almost never) because they were under the bench in my highland chamber. I rarely remembered them they just survived off the drippings from the neps on the bench dripping on them. At least one seems to have enjoyed the treatment but I have moved them to the highland chamber so they will hopefully recover from the root disturbance faster with healthy warm temps (they are still under the bench so as not to fry them with the MHs).

How long does it take for these new growths to bloom?
Do they truly only bloom once per growth?