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Thread: Paphiopedilum sanderianum

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    Does someone have some cultivation tipps for this spezies ?
    It looks really cool and it would be a nice plant between my highland Nepenthes...
    IF it can grow under that conditions.


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    Hey Martin,
    I think PlantAKiss would have the info you need, but I'm here.
    Now, do you grow any other orchids? Paphs are terrestrials, so they can't be grown in a loose, epiphytic mix. They're cool growers, as are highland neps. They require less light than most other orchids. In general, water when the top 1.2cm(.5in) of the medium is dry. They appreciate misting.
    Paphs are very tough plants and I think they could adapt to such conditions.
    good luck,

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    Hi Martin

    The sanderianums are awsome plants. Hard to obtain and expensive (at least here). But the beautiful draping petals are striking. Off the top of my head I can't tell you specific grow requirements since I don't have one (yet). But as I mentioned in a previous post, eBay is actually a very good place to "research" orchids. There are hundreds up for sale there including the occasional, much sought-after sanderianums and most of the listings give care requirements on their page. Its an easy way to go to *one* web site and be able to see a wide variety orchids (including rare ones) and care info. I go there all the time and have bought orchids that way.

    I hope you get one. They are spectacular (multiple inflorescence).


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    Not all Paphs are cool growers. Matter of fact, most are warm growing.They should be potted in a seedling bark mix, and not allowed to become dry, as with other orchids.

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