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Thread: a flowerless orchid plant

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    Can someone help me?

    I got an orchid (a phal I believe) last February. In the begining of the summer. A hot day came along, and I lost all the flowers. I just recently read to cut the stalk to just above the second node. Is this true? Is it too late in the season to do this? I also have a a real fat root growing up from the soil, but it is just growing straight UP. Is that ok? Ok, I also read about the type of sunlight that is necessary for flowers to rebloom, and that a north facing window does not provide enough light. Where exactly should I have this plant? What is too much light and what is not enough?

    Thank you in advance...

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    Hi Meagan -

    If the flower spike is still green and healthy looking, you can try cutting it above the node. You probably won't get a re-bloom but (assuming the plant's healthy) you've got nothing to lose.

    Don't be concerned about that root - they do that. It's not a problem.

    As far as light is concerned, what you generally want for a Phal is Eastern or Western exposure - or protected Southern. Naked Southern is too much light, Northern not quite enough. Of course, there's always the individual plant that does fine in the 'wrong' light. If you're going to move the plant to brighter light, do it gradually so you don't shock it or burn the leaves.

    Good luck
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