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Thread: a flowerless orchid plant

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    Can someone help me?

    I got an orchid (a phal I believe) last February. In the begining of the summer. A hot day came along, and I lost all the flowers. I just recently read to cut the stalk to just above the second node. Is this true? Is it too late in the season to do this? I also have a a real fat root growing up from the soil, but it is just growing straight UP. Is that ok? Ok, I also read about the type of sunlight that is necessary for flowers to rebloom, and that a north facing window does not provide enough light. Where exactly should I have this plant? What is too much light and what is not enough?

    Thank you in advance...

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    Hi Meagan -

    If the flower spike is still green and healthy looking, you can try cutting it above the node. *You probably won't get a re-bloom but (assuming the plant's healthy) you've got nothing to lose.

    Don't be concerned about that root - they do that. *It's not a problem.

    As far as light is concerned, what you generally want for a Phal is Eastern or Western exposure - or protected Southern. Naked Southern is too much light, Northern not quite enough. *Of course, there's always the individual plant that does fine in the 'wrong' light. *If you're going to move the plant to brighter light, do it gradually so you don't shock it or burn the leaves.

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