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Thread: Thanks to george

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    Hi George

    Thanks for the care sheet...that was nice of you. I pinned it for you so now it will be available.

    "Fox terriers are born with about four times as much original sin in them as other dogs." - Jerome K. Jerome

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    thanks for locking the topic to the top of the page. my boss even bought me a hybrid phal. and she had it delived to the office today. full of white flowers. you should of seen my face when the delivery man walked threw the door with it and sat it on my desk. i was all smiles.

    to answer your PM yes i did read your post. the copy and paste was easy it was going threw all the plants until Suzanna locked it was the hard part but, it was fun
    George McKay

    In The End We are All Dead

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    Ok, thanks again so the public can hear it!!! What an excellent job on the caresheet!!! So, did you ever see my post about a pinned caresheet, or was that your own idea?... either way, kudos on a job more than WELL DONE!
    I am back..

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