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Thread: Germinating Darlingtonia seeds

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    My Darlingtonia seeds are almost finish stratifying. I know they need cold water, but do they need it as seeds?

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    Actually, the needs of Darlingtonia seem greatly exaggerated to me (although I do live in their native climate, so I'm spoiled.) Store bought plants will often need cold water because they're acclimated to cool, controlled nursery conditions, but from all I've read, and what I've seen with my seedlings, plants from seed are not nearly as finicky. My seedlings receive no special treatment, even on hot, dry summer days (although I think I am going to set up a circulating tray for my new adult plant, because I don't know what conditions it was raised in.) The seeds that will germinate and survive to adulthood for you will be the ones that enjoy your climate, so you shouldn't need to give them much of any special care.
    As I understand it, there are two morphs present in Darlingtonia - one that grows in forested/montane environments, and another that grows in boggish/open conditions. The bog version seems just about as hardy as Sarracenia; they grow in all sorts of unfriendly conditions, such as hard water, clay soil, and 95-degree summer days. So, if you really want to cover your bases, treat one pot like a normal CP, and spoil the other.
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