Hello guys!

A couple of years ago i received like 50 Sarracenia flava seeds as a gift from a CP's order i made. I thought that it was almost impossible for me to make those seeds germinate here in the Caribbean (Puerto Rico).

So what i did was to throw the seeds in the pot where i had a grown S. flava.

Well... a time back form those 50 or so seeds germinated 2 seedlings. And since then these seedlings have been growing like crazy and happily.

I know that the pic is not clear, but here it is, just to show you the better way i can what i am talking about.

Now, i am wondering if it is possible that Sarracenia seeds germinated naturally in the tropics would happen to be more tolerant to tropical environments that other germinated and cultivated in northern sites.

I ask myself this, because as for my experience with other type of plants, the northern plants (temperate or warm-temperate) produced by seeds germinated here in Puerto Rico tend to be completely tolerant to tropical conditions and grow faster and stronger than those that i have obtained as seedlings or grown plants.

For example, I cultivate here in PR Maples, elms, Crape Myrtle trees, etc. I have both; trees cultivated from seeds germinated here, and grown trees that i have bought from northern states. Those that have been growing their whole life here are stronger and faster growers than those that have been cultivate their first years in the Continent.

So, after all this explanation, i wonder if that will be the same with Sarracenia seeds and plants.

Can anybody share with me your own experience, or any thought or theory about it?

Jorge Joel...
Emilia's Garden