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Thread: Sarracenia breeding

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    Hey there. This is my first year to really have enough flowers to do any sort of planned breeding of my Sarracenia (and last year critters ate most of my seed pods ;_ so I have some questions. First, what is the risk of unwanted pollination? I see bees occasionally but I haven't yet observed any pollinators. It's been a little too windy lately for many visitors. I have two flowers open now, but not on plants that I want to cross with each other, so should I bag them, or perhaps collect pollen and then bag them? How does one go about collecting pollen - is the method in the Savage Garden any good? How hard is it to collect pollen without selfing?
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    If they are outside and you can't stand vigil 24/7, they need to be bagged! Any bumblebee will pollinate your flowers otherwise.

    Use a paintbrush for collecting pollen. It easy to stay away from the stigmas and avoid self-pollination.
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    Quote Originally Posted by [b
    Quote[/b] ]Use a paintbrush for collecting pollen. It easy to stay away from the stigmas and avoid self-pollination.
    Yup, even in my inexperience I find it pretty easy. If you want pollen, lift up a petal and go for it; if you want to pot pollen on, then lift up a sepal (the stigma are located conveniently below.)
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