I started a new thread because I didn't want to hijack the other thread any more.

Oh I want to make A circulating bog!! I might start looking for parts in the morning when I go to Wally world. Its probably going to be a different shape than your master piece. One top container, and one bottom container with a pond pump, to pump water from the bottom to the top. The pipe coming from the pump to the top ends right below the surface of the peat correct? Then you have that area covered with the boiled dead LFS, and peat moss around the rest. Holes drilled to allow water drainage with weed block covering the holes. Why does the LFS have to be dead around the water outlet? Woudln't live be a more natural look? Then the water flows through the LFS into the peat that constantly drains back into the bottom container. It sounds simple enough. Its prety clear now if the water outlet I described is correct.

I think I might do a little modification to this method too for my dews in the greenhouse. It just came to me. Circulating water trays that the dews sit in. I was just going to add an air pump to oxygenate the water, but how about pumping water from a tank up to the trays and then the trays be connected with pipes to relieve the water levels and drain back into the holding tank. It would keep the water fresh, flowing and full. Bugweed you just lead me to a brain storm!! I'm going to add the circ trays to the GH after I get it rebuilt this summer. This is in addition to the circ bog you so graciously described. I still look forward to pictures!!