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Thread: purp flowering now?!

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    I recently picked up a purp at lowes that looked like it needed some love. Well, a little while later it is doing much better and is actually putting up a flower stalk now and looks like it will flower within the week.

    My question is this: Are plants picked up at lowes or HD or similar stores messed up on seasons and dormancy? I assume that as I prepare this purp for dormancy it will take the signals and go dormant, but the weather here has been extremely hot recently.

    Should I chop this flower off before it gets much further? I would like to see the flower but will probably see it again when it is actually about time for it to flower.

    Thanks for you help.


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    yes chop it... its pulling a VFT trick. where you get it and it flowers as a last resort then dies. if it does good this winter then you will get one in the spring.
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