You know I am RIGHT here!!

So, for the record:

his division in LFS/mulch hasnt done much of anything
This may not have anything to do with media and everything to do with environment. Until recently I had it on the windowsill here at the lab. Once I moved it home to the crawlspace it rebounded wonderfully.

Pyro isnt using the LFS as a "mud" he is using it like a nepenthes mix.......sorta
But not. My Iperua get different treatment than my Orchidioides. This humbo is in a large net pot lined with sphag with a "core" of pine bark mulch. The LFS is only in there to keep the PBM in the basket. So really my set up is sort of "mud", just "mud" in a moss lining.

And I said I would repot already so quite givin me crap