Yeah, I have a Cephalotus (so far so good, If I've done anything particularly good so far is keeping soil dampness just right for all my plants, apparently) which seems to be doing fine, it has a few pitchers, its young, but it has a few pitchers of considerable size since it's a 'German Giant', aaaand I just noticed something.

Okay, most of my leaves and traps are growing out of a specific point. Nothing strange. But, about 1.5 cm in front (or back, depending on what angle you are looking at it from) is a non carnivorous leaf which appears to be done growing and one trap coming out of.

Now, I would dismiss this as a case where the non carnivorous leaf and trap are just growing at a different angle and popped out of the ground, but, all the new traps are still coming out of this first growth point. Where the non carnivorous leaf and one of the emerging trap leaves is, I'm not too sure.

I don't have pictures, but, I drew a oh so crude diagram.

Kudos to whoever the image in the center belongs to.

Could this be a completely spontaneous random growth to the first point, just underground for some reason? Or what is it?


Also, can I put my Cephalotus in a windowsill that gets about 12 hours or so of direct sunlight per day? Would it get too hot if I kept it's cracked (so there is some air movement, but always stays around 100% humidity, but not at, occasionally if the crack is almost completely closed there will be) "humidity dome" on, it doesn't get hot in the windowsill, not really anyways, but would heat build up inside? I just think the Ceph could like the sunlight. I was going to grow it outside, but, humidity on hot days is about 20%. Way to low for a Ceph. So, I'm keeping it in a windowsill or something.

Would this work?

Thanks again!