I couldn't pass it up. I just couldn't. Having never owned a flowering Sarr, I knew as soon as I gazed upon that pot of rubras in a florist shop with TWO flowers high above it, that my wallet was going to be getting a little lighter.

So excited was I as I climbed behind the wheel to head out hat I...shut the door on one of the flowers! ugh. I thought it was okay since it looked intact-then the guts sprinkled out. Oh well. At least there is a second one and both are still nice to look at.

I'll have to try to get some pics for the rubra experts to tell me what variety it is. It is different from the ones I already have. It has very distinct red veins.

The vendor was the place in NY that sells them to garden centers in little red pots with lids on them. These were in a larger white pot with the same vendor lable on it. Is there a rubra that tends to be popular among the mass-produce-for-garden-center places?

Oh, and some of the smaller sarrs were COATED with little dots. Upon closer inspection...yep, them buggers were moving. The employee didn't know what an aphid was and probably didn't hear my warning against using insect soaps. Oh well. Mine seems to have been spared.