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Thread: Little leaf in Sarra

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    Little leaf in Sarra

    Short story...

    I went outside, checked my S. leucophylla x (flava x leucophylla) which is very beautiful. I looked inside and found a average sized looking house fly under the fluid (which I stuck a thin little piece of stem I found under a large bush which was very smooth and thin, I stuck it in the fluid just a little bit and smelled it, ugh, disgusting) and, well, the next day, which would be today, I noticed something under that was obscuring the path of the food contents, which were ants and a fly and a spider which had become smart enough to make a railroad across my plants along with many other spiders, anchor itself inside, and catch my plants prey, I got revenge by knocking him in, even though his feces would've benefited the plant, I didn't really care, maybe something else, I didn't thoroughly investigate. I pulled it out a bit using the stem I mentioned, it was a 1-1.5 cm wide little tiny piece of a leaf that fit in very well and was completely submerged and thinner than a leaf too! Very very thin. I put it back in, but, I was wondering if I should take it out, it would be digested like the macabre of insects already caught, but, would it harm the plant or is it OK to leave it in there? It's quite understandable, the leafs on weaker vines of a large leafy bush thing near our house is shedding it's leaves in the fierce wind we're getting (knocked over one of my Wal-Mart VFT's and unpotted it x.x, twice, same one).

    So, is it OK to leave it in there, or should I pull it out?

    Not really a short story... I left it in there initially because I figured "well, Nepenthes ampullaria does it, so..." even though that was a dumb way of thinking since they aren't even in the same genus.

    So, should I leave it in, or take it out? Will it be any peril?

    - NeciFiX

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    Leaf shouldn't be a problem unless it's got a fungus or a nasty pathogen or something, even then you'll probably be ok.

    I can't really tell from the description, but I think it may be worth keeping and eye on. As mentioned in a previous topic, and ins everal popular texts, there are several types of insects notably a type of wasp) that can make it's nest inside of Sarracenia pitchers, which is not something you want.

    As for the spiders, I'd leave it. Look at it this way, if the lead is in fact a sign of something building a little nest, then the spider could have helped fend him off. Spiders are your friends.
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