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Thread: mealy bugs

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    mealy bugs

    I've sprayed with ortho three time this in a month and these puppies won't die.
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    They're tough ones to get rid off. Hit 'em again after the recommended time passed since your last spraying. Make sure you don't miss any spots because they move when disturbed. Make sure you spray all your plants too, not just the ones you've notice infestations. Also if they've gotten into the roots you may not be able to get rid of them. A drench might work.

    If they persist after a fourth spraying consider a different systemic like imidacloprid (Merit/Provado/Marathon). They might be resistant to Orthene. Bayer Advanced has several ready to use sprays based on this insecticide. You may get some reddening/burn on Sarr leaves from the Bayer.
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