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Thread: Sarracenia Flower Issue

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    Sarracenia Flower Issue

    I've come across something with one of my s. minor flowers. This plant was just recently shipped to me and the flower looked to be pollinated. In the last couple of days, part of it started to die off, although the seed pods look to be healthy. Is this normal or something I should be worried about or maybe it's just not pollinated? This is my first year with CPs, so I've never really dealt with many flowers before. Any help would be appreciated.
    Of all my sarr flowers (a whole 3, lol) I was looking foward to this one and flava red tube making seeds

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    After Sarracenia flowers are pollinated and spent they will lose their petals. Normally the rest of the flower will stay intact, however, in my experience sometimes a sepal or another part can die. Since the seed pod itself looks pretty developed and free of any fuzz or browning, I'd think that it's safe.

    If you remove the dried parts, everything else looks nice and alive, yes? Normally when I have a flower that aborts late the entire pod will look pretty shabby with the rest of the flower and then brown and die, too.

    With any luck, they should be fine- at least that's what my experiences would lead me to believe. Anyone else?
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