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Thread: Soil Question

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    Soil Question

    I got a small pitcher plant and adalae for one of my girlfriends family members because they seemed so interested in my plants... but this was in Tallahassee and I couldn't find any peat moss up there in small quantities. I could buy like 100 pounds of it but I only obviously needed like a few little scoops. Everything else I could find had a lot of fertilizer in it. So at some plant nursery we found this block of coconut husk stuff. He said it was from the outside of coconuts so it'd be fertilizer free and all that, it was all dried out and jammed into a block so it was small and to use it basically you just added water and then it expanded a whole bunch. So I ended up using that for soil, is this stuff alright or should i try to find some new stuff for these plants. The plants have already been in the stuff for about a month and supposedly are doing alright, but i haven't seen them personally.

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    If you're looking for a small quantity of useful CP media, a $4 bag of long fibrered sphagnum would be easiest, cheapest, and best. Other than that, the 2.2 cm bale / bag of sphagnum peat, that doesn't contain fertilizer is the way to go. I know that people use the cocnut material for hagning baskets and Neps, but I haven't read anything toward Sarracenias.

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