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Thread: gosh darn pest

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    Quote Originally Posted by Not a Number View Post
    So you've had a leaf hopper infestation for nearly four months and you were panicking that they were killing your plants back when?

    So either they are not the problem you think they are or the moved on and moved back, like they do.
    they are a problem as i can see it. there's red burnmark everywhere. its probably not killing the plant as i go out and squeeze like 2 or 3 every couple of days. yeah there are less... so its probably not killing the plant, but it is damaging it and making it more... unattractive.
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    So they've been there for 3 1/2+ months causing that sort of damage?

    "Recommended control method is use preventative insecticides (systemics) before infestations occur and to screen or isolate the plants. Infested plants should be isolated from the rest of plants."

    If isolating them is impractical then use insecticides.

    "Try Bayer Advanced Dual Action Rose and Plant Insect Killer which contains both a pyrethroid and Imidacloprid."

    If they didn't go away back in May why didn't you use an insecticide then?

    The pyrethroid Beta-cyfluthrin is very effective against the nymphs. Imidiacloprid is a systemic. The Bayer Advanced has both as active ingredients and is generally safe to use on most CPs.

    If they went away back in May and came back then you need to use a systemic between infestations.

    It would probably help to spray any yard plants with a garden sprayer too. If you live in an apartment or with some other shared garden space this could be a problem.
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