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Thread: Spending the day with the plants

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    Spending the day with the plants

    In The Savage Garden Peter D'Amato talks about sitting, sipping iced tea, whilst watching insects fall prey to Sarracenia.

    Yesterday was the last day of spring semester at my college, so i figured I'd try that out for my first day of break. Made myself a pitcher of iced tea, propped up a sun shelter, and started shooting away....

    Some of these are not sarracenia obviously, but the majority are. I'll pop em up in chronological order.

    Capensis feeding, never gets old.

    This bottle fly did eventually succumb to the pitcher of this Alata x Oreophila.

    More flies dancing with death on my Flava 'Mixed Varieties' (sidenote: this seems to be a completely markless form which only has the yellow hue of the flavas.)

    Alata x Oreo was a popular plant today...

    Bottle fly on my tallest flava pitcher, didnt seem to mind me sticking a lens in its face

    Remnants of old meals

    Fresh meat

    This yellowjacket kept returning to drink from the sarracenia dish. (I found these guys are a little more camera shy, no big macros for you)

    A ladybug coming to visit what I believe to be Flava var. rugelii

    A bottle fly this time on my Oreophila

    Another fly investigating my naked flava

    Dancing on top of the traps

    Chillin on my Oreo

    Yellowjacket rubbing its paws on my Oreo, sadly, never fell victim to its trap

    Another fly stopping to land on my Alata x oreo

    My D. Microscapa coming out of shipping shock (I know pygmies are tiny, but damn, this one lives up to its name, i can easily fit 2 of these in the diameter of a dime.)

    The shelter I propped up for myself to protect my pale body from the sun (sat in the gray chair, not the green one)

    And the lens which i was shooting through. I know nothing about lenses. Found this one in my garage along with a few others, it seemed to magnify the best and is relatively small...

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    Very nice!

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