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@ Polywer I saw you at the LACPS meeting (:

Questions for NaN, since he lives near us.

Can we leave the plants outside?

Also, can we leave some Tropical drosera outside, (not nepenthese), since it doesnt get too cold?
It has been getting down to 42F in my area at night. You can leave the Sarracenia and Dionaea outside at night. Depending on the species of Drosera you can probably leave them outdoors. I've moved most of my South African Drosera indoors as they don't seem to like the low 40's or colder. Cape Town averages around 7C (44F) in the winter. I left my Drosera capensis outdoors.

I would bring everything indoors except Darlingtonia if we get a cold snap with the temps in the mid-low 30's.