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Thread: Ceph Dividing Question

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    Quote Originally Posted by Av8tor1 View Post
    In cephs winter/summer growth is photoperiod based. As long as its growing cape dont worry too much mate.

    I changed the photperiod down by an hour less not long ago, but I don't think that's enough, is it?

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    I dont know Cape, Ive never kept track of how much change was required.. sorry mate, cant answer that...

    but just FYI

    ....The amount of nutrients obtained from either
    prey or from the soil seems to vary substantially.
    Sarracenia leucophylla can get 60 times more ions
    from the prey than from the soil (Gibson,
    1983b). Nepenthes mirabilis gets about 60% of its
    N from insect prey, whereas in Cephalotus it is
    only 30% (Schulze et al., 1997). In Drosera
    rotundifolia about 50% of the total N is of animal
    origin (Millett et al., 2003), and in D. hilaris
    68% (Anderson and Midgley, 2003). The protocarnivorous
    Roridula gorgonias, which needs
    symbiotic hemipterans for digestion, even up to
    70% of N comes from animals (Anderson and
    Midgley, 2003)......

    The roots of carnivorous plants
    Wolfram Adlassnig1, Marianne Peroutka1, Hans Lambers2 & Irene K. Lichtscheidl1,3
    1Institute of Ecology and Conservation Biology, University of Vienna, Althanstrasse 14, 1090 Vienna,
    Austria. 2School of Plant Biology, Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, The University of
    Western Australia, Crawley WA 6009, Australia. 3Corresponding author*
    Received 30 April 2004. Accepted in revised form 31 August 2004

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    Quote Originally Posted by alec View Post
    why not just spray?
    Butch mentions overspray but doesn't place much emphasis on it. Seems that most growers who've been around a while have used foliar fertilization to help growth. However most quickly learn that the downsides are large - at least aesthetically and often outweigh the benefits. I remember spraying a tray of VFTs a number of years ago. I ended up with a nasty green gelatinous mess. Once it started - it kept growing - no matter what I did. It was the gift that kept on giving.... The 'things' in CP soil are accustomed to a deprived environment - when they get a burst of nutrients - it's party time!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Av8tor1 View Post
    Alec, no overspray with cotton swabs, but now once cephs get some size i do root feed in addtion to the pitchers, cephs get 40-60% of their nutrient ions from their roots. Much higher ratio then most Cp's (this is why trich can be of such a benefit in this species)
    Do you have any special methods to avoid the above nastiness when root feeding?
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    Ron, nothing special... i usually keep the concentration rather low (usually around 50ppm) and i only root feed a couple times a year. Maybe its the cephs being so root hungry, maybe its the substrate I use... I dunno, but it has never been an issue with my cephs. As far as I know they are the most root hungry (or at least close to it) of the CP's

    but that doesnt mean ppl should lay on the osmocote either...

    moderation and patience is key

    edit: one thing that i forgot to mention... with cephs the root uptake is directly related to pitcher intake and light levels... IIRC phosphorous is the controlling factor... Id have to dig to verify that though, been a while

    but everything must be in balance for optimum growth

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