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Thread: Why you should never give up on a plant!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kath View Post
    Oohh... how long did it take for the new leaf? I did the same to one of my two, except it was from lack of watering for a few days... it dried out like that... it's abotu the same size too.
    If I recall right is was about 2 months looking at the dry mass before the new one.

    As for the moss, I'll probably have to cover it with something in this pot. Too much to pluck.

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    Cephs are good resurrection plants. I had one that I was certain I croaked by placing it outside in the spring with no acclimation. Since I also had some VFTs in the tray, I just left it there. Mid-summer, it sent up a new leaf & took off. D. regia & others with the big, thick roots can often come back from an 'oops'.

    So far, my record is U. longifolia. I gave away my plant because it was not growing well. Eight months later, I notice a small strap leaf in the moss in the bottom of the tank - sure enough - U. longifolia. A tiny bit must have escaped from the original pot and slowly started growing ...

    It's tough throwing out 'dead' plants after having a few experiences of them resurrecting. Recently I tossed a D. regia & my 'mother' D. schizandra after many months of waiting for them to come back. Real bummer. That D. schizandra has provided all of the small plants, I've traded for the past few years (30+). Hopefully some of the small ones will keep growing and take her place....
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