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Thread: No wonder my H. minor was stalled

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    yeah! But I think I am past the freaking out phase. lol! no surprises anymore.....unless literally a beetle or something crawls out of the nep media. lol! At this point I am just looking for systemic treatment and trying to nuke them all.

    yeah! the whitefly video was amazing. If only there were videos like that for scale and other pests.

    I actually have an unopened bottle of neem oil I bought nearly 2 yrs ago. I have never used it. I guess I will first use the systemic to get rid of everything and then hopefully "IF" and "WHEN" the day arrives when my remaining plants are pest free ( its deemed to happen...either the plants will die or the pest will die...I will not let it stay ), I will start using the neem oil as you mention as a regular treatment. thanks for mentioning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CPlantaholic View Post
    WildBill uses neem oil on all his CPs- especially cephs. He said that he gives his plants a dose of it once a week to avoid any problems. It is pretty much your all-purpose insecticide, fungicide, miticide. From the insane amount of problems you're getting right now, I think you might want to get into a routine lack that.
    As was mentioned in another thread recently, regularly treating plants with almost anything tends to breed resistance (not sure if that's true with oil treatments but the concept is valid).

    Most folks that have been growing more than a year or 2 have had some of these problems. As Tony mentioned, most infestations come from new plants you're bringing in & then run rampant because the grower isn't doing periodic close inspections of the plants. Addressing both of these issues knocks out 98% of nasty bug problems IMHO....
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    I use Merit for scale and mealy bugs. Safe for indoors as it is the same stuff they use for termites. They sell it in Bayer advanced.
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    Neem oil should not be used on stressed plants.

    I would suspect thrips on your Cephalotus. They are tiny and difficult to spot. Some species have a phase when they are actually in the leaf tissue.

    Scale are sucking insects so a systemic like Acephate (Orthene) or Imidacloprid (Merit) will eventually kill the adults. The crawlers are easier to knock out with a contact pesticide like pyrethrim, not having shells or waxy coats to protect them.
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