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Thread: Sarracenia seedlings @ 14 months

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    Sarracenia seedlings @ 14 months

    Here's a bunch of seedlings at 14 months old, all grouped by siblings, so you can see the diversity. They're all open-pollinated, except for one grouping.

    These are alata x flava open-pollinated. Lots of really dark-red plants in this group. I'm excited!

    These are also alata x flava open-pollinated, from the same seed pod as the previous pic. I separated these because they are not showing any dark-red coloration like their siblings.

    Boob-tube open-pollinated. Looks like I'll end up with a nice selection of colorful, bizarre pitchers out of this one. I can't believe how large that one is, at 14 months old.

    these are self-pollinated (F2) purpurea x flava ornata. Not a big fan of this cross, but I like the coloration, for future breeding purposes. My favorite is actually the one in the front that doesn't look at all like it's siblings, mostly all-green pitchers with a reddish base. Curious to see this one get full size.

    'Ladies In Waiting' open-pollinated.

    these are a bunch of unknown open-pollinated seedlings, from seeds collected over the years and not labelled. Never know what you'll get with these, but there are a few promising looking plants in there.

    an exceptionally lg. 14 month old, nearly a foot tall. it's an open-pollinated (oreophila x flava) x leucophylla. very excited about this one. picture doesn't show it too well, but the tops of the lids are very white, and there's a nice pink blush on the throat.

    the only true cross of the bunch, 2 'Scarlett Belle' x 'Hummer's Hammerhead', showing much different characteristics. One looks alot like the S. Belle, while the other looks like it'll look much more like the Hammerhead.

    an open-pollinated leucophylla x psittacina. looks alot like it's mom, but with more open hoods. i like this one a lot too.

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    Great looking plants, especially at 14 months.


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    Very cool. Seed growing is always a lot of fun.

    I've got some S. 'coppertop' F2 plants that display a great amount of variability; some flower and are huge, others are still runts. I'd mark that quick-growing one from the 3rd picture - that's a trait you'd like to hang on to.
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    Spectacular little seedlings you have. I just love Sarracenia seedlings. If only mine were like that. :I

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