Just in case we have any other Star Gate fans here, I was watching an episode of Star Gate Atlantis today and spotted a big pot of Sarrecenia posing as an alien plant.
Season 3 episode 17 "Sunday" (DVD season 3 Volume 3 disc 5 episode 1).
About half way into the episode just after Rodney canceled his fishing date with Dr Beckett and is talking to his girlfreind, the scene opens with a very nice pot full of Sarrecenia as a table centerpiece.
I'm no expert but to my untrained eye it looks like Judith Hindle.
The scene switches back and forth a few times and we see another similar pot in the background.
I was going to upload a screen shot, but realized there are probably copyright issues involved.
Anybody else with the DVD set care to take a look?
I thought it was pretty cool.