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Thread: S. flava rubricorpora question . . .

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    S. flava rubricorpora question . . .

    Recently, I had a chance to read some differing accounts relating to the supposed "sensitivity" of Sarracenia flava var. rubricorporora to any re-potting, root disturbance or division; and that its very bright coloration -- widely varying from reds to purples -- can be adversely affected; and it can take upwards of two years or more for that color to once again "stabilize."

    I have re-potted my various rubricorpora clones every year, generally take divisions at that time -- and have never experienced any "loss" or "change" of color during that process . . .

    Has anyone ever experienced any of these odd "difficulties?"
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    Some clones are fussier than others. If you repot during dormancy you shouldn't notice much of a problem though.

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