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Thread: exporting Sarracenia

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    exporting Sarracenia

    I'm not sure why there is so little information out there about filing the proper paperwork for exporting Sarracenia but I will share what I have learned from the internets and US Fish and Wildlife employees. TF'ers, please chime in with additional tips/tricks:

    In order to export Appendix II plants (all Sarracenia and venus flytrap excluding S. jonesii, S. alabamensis, S. oreophila) into another country:

    1. Apply for a nursery license from your state Dept. of Agriculture $10. If you plan on wild collecting any plants also apply for wild plant permit. If you've wild collected plants prior to receiving a wild plant permit from your state you will not be able to complete step 3.

    2. When you get your nursery license, send in form "PPQ621" application for protected plant permit. $70.

    3. When you are approved for a protected plant permit, send in form 3-200-33 application for export of artificially propagated plants. $205 . Be prepared to show copies of receipts from every plant you've ever obtained, labeled photographs of the growing environment, and contact info for everyone you've ever obtained plants from. If they approve you then you are eligible to export plants for 3 years. Apply for additional "single use CAPPS" certificates ($5 each) when you wish to make a shipment.

    4. Ask your plant inspector (the same person who inspected you to give you the nursery license) if there are any quarantines for the country you are shipping to.

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    Another thing to keep in mind is knowledge of just which port the plants are likely to be sent (each port is its own little fiefdom), along with appropriate labels and phytosanitary permits. Overkill is the method to use when shipping out plants; include every conceivable permit and expect the USDA to give out conflicting information on import and export. It is best to actually call local USDA/ APHIS and Customs offices and find out from them just what is required. The UK, for example, is a colossal pain in the **** to send plants and more than a few nurseryman have had the plants make a fifteen day roundtrip . . .

    I dealt with the offices in USDA offices in Maryland, and they were mouth-breathers, to a one, and unclear on local regulations. Out tax dollars in action . . .
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    Are you aware of any special circumstances for tissue culture plants? I have read some things that it is easier to send plants in-vitro, but I have also read that they are restricting it due to 'dormant' diseases.

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    Pretty much that's it. For the EU the plants must undergo a three month spray regimen, complete with a log sheet detailing when and what was sprayed on the plants. Before you get a final phyto, they must be sprayed/dipped prior to shipping.
    Twigs, our Ag Agent told us a horror story of a shipment of orchids in flask being destroyed for phyto purposes.

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