re-post from the ICPS
Does this plant still exist in cultivation?
When you look on the cp. photo finder, you only get two results (Google useless as well)
Cp photo finder

I think I may have this plant. I bought it a few years back as some non descriptive
plant sold as: "pitcher plant— bug eater!— flame-broil" (with deranged picture of strange plant cooking insects). This was at my county fair and some man was selling the small stock he had at his cheap plastic vending table. Does anyone else have this plant?

If this is the plant, (I will post pics in a bit) then I must say it actually has some pleasing
characteristics: When grown in full sun it gets cream orange to red-ish maroon pitchers, the purpurea like veining is blotted out to form a solid mass of pitcher pigmentaion. Also the peristome becomes a deep maroon to a purple-like hue. The flowers are a peachy mixture with green sepals. It sends out short but erect purpurea-like pitchers, no higher than 6-8 inches, and grows in a clumping like pattern.

Feel free to post you ideas/input