the mother plant is still tha same depth i only moved it up far enough to get the growth off, and put the media that was there back, and pushed the mom back to where it was before i started the process. its tryin to grow out of the pot, is there a way t pot it up to a bigger pot. or should i wait a month or two to try again>
sounds like ive probably killed the new growth, if i cant add more media around the top, if what your saying is that i cant add more live lfsm to the top. and dont disturb the roots again,
the bottom is well under the lfs roughly 1", and in no way toppling its very firmly in place, there are two pitchers you cant even see, they are almost totally burried, i was afraid to put any deeper, so i guess ill just leave it and learn from this trial.
this is also why i didnt break mom into several divisions in case i messed up.