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Thread: Flower watch 2010

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    That's makes me even more envious to see it in action! I lost a couple flowers as well to the cats tails but who am I to tell you this with your puppy adventures

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    The fence has helped. Only a few casualties this year - the most notable was what last year I called "Big Mouth" because of the large opening to height ratio. This year, the pitchers have grown considerably taller - which would make it not as impressive as last year - but just prior to the first pitcher opening.... WEED WACKED by tail. I would think that in the case of a cat, they might bend them and cause them to fold and flop over. I didn't think they were strong enough to wack them off.
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    Sorry to ressurrect an old thread, but mine are finally blooming! Except my Oreo, which died, so now I need a new one.
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