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Thread: Sarr updates

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    Sarr updates

    Three pics - all my Sarr/vft/cobra pots (and a couple other herbs)

    just opened dana's delight

    fully opened oreo (with the dana's delight behind and to the right of this pitcher)

    and I just posted opened alata flower pics in the flower-watch thread too if you want a closer look at that little alien hovering above the first big planter on the left up top

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    You already have pitchers!? Fantastic!

    Thanks for posting the photos.

    This will be my first season with an Oreophilla and I can't wait for it to break dormancy.

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    Nice pics but I want pitchers too... Jess, I am in the same boat. I have a mature oreophilla and can't wait for it to do its thing. Oh yeah, and a jonesii!

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