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Thread: Fast pointers in keeping cephalotus

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    I use a mix of equal parts dried LFS and perlite, with approximately 10% peat and lime free sharp sand. I added a very small amount of wood charcoal (crushed additive free BBQ charcoal) to the mix. They are doing really well in this. I stand mine in a tray of rain water and under flourescent lighting (mixture of daylight and cool white). As Nepfreak mentions above, don't fuss over them.

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    I had one a few years back that I kept in 2 parts sand blasting sand and 1 part peat. I kept it outside during the summer and it di real well, then my dog broke loose from his chain and devoured it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nepfreak View Post
    Neglect it and it will do well. That's my ceph philosophy in a nutshell.

    I agree. I had several Cephalotus before and I constantly messed with them. I ended up killing all of them. I bought one several months ago, and I don't mess with it at all. It's now sending out a new pitcher every week.

    Keep the soil moist (but don't constantly water it) and keep it in a bright location, and it'll do just fine
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