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Thread: Some shots from the greenhouse

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    Some shots from the greenhouse

    My wife is a botany professor and runs the greenhouse on campus, so I get to "hijack" space in there for myself! Here's some shots i took earlier today. I apologize now for any lighting issues or photo quality. My camera sucks and it's hard to tell how a photo turns out until after I look at it on the computer. Most are pretty decent, I think.

    This is an unknown I picked up on Ebay last fall. Looks pretty good so far.

    Another unknown from my personal collection of open-pollinated seeds. 25 months old.

    Here's the first of 3 purp hybrids, from the aforementioned seed collection, all 25 months old.
    This one grows more upright than the others, but definitely purp in there.

    This one's got some funky coloration on one of the pitchers, it may have dried out a bit at one point. We've also got a bit of an insect issue in the greenhouse right now, too.

    The best for last, IMO. Love the almost-black lip on this thing.

    Another 25-month old from seed. It's (oreophila x willisii) x open-pollinated. I'm digging how this one is turning out. Nice orange coloring developing on it. Looked nothing like this last year, so will be interesting to see how the others turn out (have a few more).

    Here's a sibling of the previous plant. Growing in a less-lit area than the other, but it appears to be getting the same orange-ish coloring. Can't wait to get these things outside and get some sun.

    Another 25-month-old, most of them will be. This is (oreophila 'Sand Mtn' x flava) x leucophylla - open-pollinated. It will be interesting to see if that angled spout is a trait, or just some environmental cause behind it.

    Another 25-month-old, 'Monster Mash' x Open-pollinated. Been keeping my eye on this one since last year, when it started throwing up pitchers completely flushed dark-pink. Can't wait to get this one outside either and see what its got.

    25 month old, (leucophylla x moorei) x Open-pollinated. This is one of those that for the first 1.5 years I thought of composting it, but am glad I didn't. Tall, all-green, or mostly all-green pitchers, ruffled lid. Kind of looks antho-free almost.

    'Gin Goblin'


    This is another 25-month-old, open-pollinated alata "black" x flava "red". Not a bad looker, but it is its siblings that are looking really good:

    I think these could give 'Black Widow' a run for it's money. Can't wait to see how dark they get once they get some all-day sun outside. The greenhouse actually doesn't get that much sun.

    Lastly, some 3-month old seedlings - mitchelliana x 'Wilkerson's Red', seed courtesy of Wes Buckner:

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    great plants! I love the deep colouration in the last one!

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    The black lipper is pretty!

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    The oreo x wilissi Op is nice
    Quote Originally Posted by lizasaur
    Minor x Purp I actually have. Well,technically it's Minor Okee x Psitt Green.

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