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Thread: what species/hybrids are YOU planning on making this season?

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    Where to start, where to start.... A few of the hybrid crosses made so far:

    1) 'Alucard' "Prince of Darkness" x 'Reptilian Rose' - Prince of Darkness is a select clone and the largest of the 'Alucard' group reaching upwards of 3 feet or more with 7 inch hoods. Incredible!! Can't wait to see how this turns out. I made the cross last year and the seed are just germinating, but just for the sake of it I remade it again.

    2) 'Black Widow' x ('Royal Ruby' x flava var. ornata)

    3) 'Leah Wilkerson' x 'Alucard' "Prince of Darkness"

    4) 'Alucard' "Prince of Darkness" x 'Leah Wilkerson' - the reciprocal of the above.

    5) ('Leah Wilkerson' x 'Royal Ruby') x 'Alucard' "Prince of Darkness" - Should be a wowza!

    6) x moorei "Plum Wine" x oreophila (Plum Wine is a huge all red/deep purple clone of a batch of seedlings I grew out about 10 years ago.

    7) x moorei "Plum Wine" x ('Leah Wilkerson' x 'Judith Hindle')

    8) flava var. ornata Bulloch County, GA x purpurea montana - Should produce intense deep red stripes and veins.

    9) leucophylla "Mesa Exotics" x flava var. rubricorpora "Dragon's Blood" (leuc. "Mesa Exotics" looks like "Purple Lips" on steroids, and "Dragon's Blood" is my biggest, baddest, all red flava) This cross should produce some of the largest all red x moorei ever.

    10) 'Royal Ruby' x 'Leah Wilkerson' - Have made this several times. You can never have enough.

    There are quite a few more..especially pure species, but I've taken up enough space here.

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    Too much of a bother, I'm just gonna let the flowers do their thing.

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    What I wouldn't give to make 1 trip your way Phil...

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    Quote Originally Posted by F R e N c H 3 z View Post
    What I wouldn't give to make 1 trip your way Phil...
    I second that Yann. And I'm in CA!!!

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    Phil... Dude.

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    so with the appearance of another flower, i will be crossing and making the following

    purp venosa x 'Leah wilkserson'

    'Leah Wilkerson' x (oreo green x leuco white)

    (oreo green x leuco white) x 'Leah Wilkerson'

    'Leah Wilkerson' x oreo 'heavy veined'

    oreo heavy veined x self

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    I just brushed some dubious purp venosa/purp burkei (unknown...some sort of purp) pollen on a leuco and on a jonesii green, because they're open at the same time.

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    As the flowers open, I look at each plant and think what would make a pretty or interesting cross.

    Here are my crosses, and planned crosses. Sorry for the shorthand.

    rub rub X flav. ornata
    leuc X (purp X leuc)
    leuc X (rub X oreo)
    flav ornata X leuc
    flav coppertop X flav ornata
    minor X oreo SM
    minor X bug pipes
    (leuc X umlauf) X (purp X leuc)
    (leuc X umlauf) X self {what the Heck, why not?}
    (leuc X purp) X Dainas delight
    (rub X oreo) X (leuc X purp)
    night sky X (leuc X umlauf)
    purp ven. X lfav ornata
    gilpinii X bug pipes
    bug pipes X (leuc X umlauf)
    bug pipes X (purp X leuc)
    dixi lace X (purp X leuc)
    dixi X flav ornata
    Unk X self
    oreo SM X (purp X leuc)
    formosa X bug pipes {yeah, formosa and bug pipes are practically the same. BP is made with minor okie, and formosa typical minor}
    dainas X flav ornata
    dainas X ....

    Now here's where I got bored. Professional hybridisers, you may wanna cover your eyes! I wanted to know.... If I pollinate each stigma with a different pollen, would the seeds remain segregated in their own chamber? Here's the test: Label each stigma with a number, and apply the pollen as listed in the chart. It will be tricky opening the seed pod, but I wanna know if it'll work.

    Dainas #2:
    1- (purp X leuc)
    2- (leuc X umlauf)
    3- (leuc X umlauf) {planned flower wasn't ready yet}
    4- flav ornata
    5- purp ven

    Dainas #3, same silly experiment:
    1- oreo SM
    2- oreo SM {planned flower... yanno}
    3- TBD
    4- TBD
    5- (leuc X uml)

    What makes the experiment even more un-scientific is that I messed up gathering the pollen, and may have selfed some of the stigmas. These backyard shenanigans are certainly NOT ISO certified!

    I can't wait for next season, when more Sarrs bloom. Judy, leuc HCW, rub gulf, alata green (N'stinky!). The alata blk X flav red (IIRC) bloomed a week early when I wasn't looking, and I didn't get any pollen. I think it selfed, though. Next year....
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