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Thread: New H.minor!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Av8tor1 View Post
    I personally have had the best luck with cypress bark based mixes... my best growth rates have been with almost pure cypress and daily watering....
    I'm not sure what my orchid bark was, it may not have been cypress. All I know is that it started to take on a fungal smell and went soft. Of course, not all fungus is detrimental and some are actually beneficial - such as Trichoderma

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigBella View Post
    If the mix is well-drained, I would water it daily -- and provide the high humidity and bright light that some others have mentioned; that said, the difficulty in re-potting Heliamphora is largely a myth (as some on this forum have already discussed -- Av8tor1 in particular) . . .
    Yup yup. I treat all my plants pretty rough (oops) but the reason I didn't want to repot so soon is because the H.minor just spent a few days in the mail...but I think it still looks great so here's the results of the repot. I think uprooting so soon is actually better than waiting a month because the roots haven't affixed themselves to the potting medium yet. I think I keep everything alive with sheer willpower. Their roots actually look (and feel) like a white version of ceph roots.

    Anyways, notice there's 3 now! The H.nutans was actually 2 small plants that decided they wanted to get split up today

    I have them in deepish fresh fruit containers (in 3" pots still) from the grocery store as "mini terrariums" that I'll put a strip of saran-wrap over, to hold the pots in place by their name tags (they're a little higher than the plastic fruit containers) and help hold in the humidity. Hopefully in time the sphagnum moss grows and fills in the gap between the pots and the fruit containers. Maybe then when they grow up I can poke holes in the fruit containers, slip off the white pots, and I'll have the perfect sized live medium and bigger pot!

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