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Thread: heli water filling question

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    heli water filling question

    For all the Heli people: My Heli minor that looks like it has mature pitchers doesn't hold water. I fill the pitchers with water and it drains away immediately or in a couple minutes, and that's definitely not evaporation. Is it because the pitchers are only about an inch tall? I can take a picture of it again if you want me to, but I did post a H.minor thread.

    I ask because I shoved a mosquito (that I killed, the little devil) into one of my pitchers and I'm not sure if I can leave a moist bug stuck to the walls of the pitcher without sitting in water, without turning the pitcher brown.

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    H. minor possesses a drainage slit that regulates the amount of water (to avoid flooding in rain) within the pitcher. There is fluid in there, enough for the small plant's purposes . . .
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