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Thread: The weather outside is frightful...

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    Ditto here. It's the middle of May and I'm still seeing temps in the high 20s at night. Definitely weird weather. My windowsill is already full and planting them into the ground isn't an option, so I'm losing plants.

    The 2 White Trumpets (one of which is a Judith Hindle, the other a 'Titan') seem Ok but are growing very slowly. The 3 D'Amato Sarracenia seedlings I have out there (S. x 'Gin Goblin', 'Abnorma', 'Judith Adrian' I believe) appear to be still alive, but aren't sending up pitchers very frequently, and those they are sending up are wilting at the tips at random. I recently repotted them in a mix of 2-1 Peat/Pumice (my first try with Pumice) in a single big insulated pot -- didn't take them out of the current soil, just slid them out of their pots and directly into the new pot, so... well, we'll see.

    The Drosera Tracyiis appear to be gone, as are most of the VFTs. I think (hope) that part of the problem was the winterization I did -- they were too wet in the firdge, I think. Something to think about going forward, I suppose. I'm not replacing lost plants until I get an idea of where I'm going to be over the next few years... Hopefully I can get my grow lights set up in the garage.

    I could, in desperation, move them all inside in my communal Sundew pot (a B52 and my Akai Ryu ended up there), but... it's difficult to find room, and the plants in there aren't exactly thriving either.
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    You can thank the jet stream that dips down in the Rockies and bulges up in the East. It'll change....

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