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Thread: whats wrong with my heli

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    Quote Originally Posted by M Jacobs View Post
    For some reason i think it's that fungus cause it had about eight growth points huge pitchers and then bang almost dead. Any suggestions if it is the fungus maybe from that passage put ice on the soil could be one suggestion.
    The reason that I brought up Fleischmann's study, is that I lost a couple of plants in the last few years to just such mysterious circumstances. Both the Heliamphora and Darlingtonia in question had been perfectly healthy for years, then were faced with a sudden, irreversible decline and collapse; and i did notice fungal hyphae upon un-potting them . . .
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    "I only had this problem with Heliamphora grown outdoors or in my greenhouse so far . . ."
    I just put mine outside!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jag View Post
    Sorry amigo if I sound mean but you should have addressed this problem the day you sign up here in TF. If you say you had it for a year and a half already and it has been going downhill then the problem can probably be your media or your condtions might be not right for the plant. However like Aviator said. I don't think you have much for your plant to survive. If I was you, I would repot RIGHT AWAY and see if I could give it optimal conditions at whatever cost to save the plant. But from what I could see, you should be saying to your plant good bye.

    I really hope you can save your plant. Sorry if I sound mean but I see your plant in a really bad shape. Good luck!
    No it was great till about a month ago.

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    Just repeating what others have said.
    You do not have a strong enough light source. There is no nectar spoon formation, which happens in too low a light level. Should not kill a plant.
    What I believe the reason for the poor condition is the soil mix. It will stay water-logged too long. I have killed a Heli because of that before.
    My mixes use very open and airy. 1/2 part lava rock / 1 part sand / 2 parts perlite / 1 part peat moss/ and some dried LFS thrown in.
    It may be too late, but I'd change the soil mix ASAP.

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