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Thread: whats wrong with my heli

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jag View Post
    Sorry amigo if I sound mean but you should have addressed this problem the day you sign up here in TF. If you say you had it for a year and a half already and it has been going downhill then the problem can probably be your media or your condtions might be not right for the plant. However like Aviator said. I don't think you have much for your plant to survive. If I was you, I would repot RIGHT AWAY and see if I could give it optimal conditions at whatever cost to save the plant. But from what I could see, you should be saying to your plant good bye.

    I really hope you can save your plant. Sorry if I sound mean but I see your plant in a really bad shape. Good luck!
    No it was great till about a month ago.

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    Just repeating what others have said.
    You do not have a strong enough light source. There is no nectar spoon formation, which happens in too low a light level. Should not kill a plant.
    What I believe the reason for the poor condition is the soil mix. It will stay water-logged too long. I have killed a Heli because of that before.
    My mixes use very open and airy. 1/2 part lava rock / 1 part sand / 2 parts perlite / 1 part peat moss/ and some dried LFS thrown in.
    It may be too late, but I'd change the soil mix ASAP.

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