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Thread: Puget Sound growers: Cephs and Helis outside for summer?

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    Puget Sound growers: Cephs and Helis outside for summer?

    So, I've got the itch to experiment again, but this time it's with some rather fragile subjects. I've noticed that my Heliamphora heterodoxa and Cephalotus are both a little dissatisfied with the conditions I've been providing them recently, so I was considering blasting them with sunlight out on my porch this summer. I get full sun from mid-morning onward, but there are shady spots I can use to keep the pots from warming up too much.
    Altogether from what I've read and what I already know it seems like it could work pretty well. My one concern is that it's still getting close to 40F at night in my little microclimate. Does anybody around the Puget Sound area grow their tropical pitchers outdoors in the summer? Tips? Experiences? I'm looking at you, Kris and Scott.
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    Sorry for the late reply. I meant to respond yesterday when I saw your post. I can only speak from experience with my one ceph plant that I have had for about 8 years now. My particular plant only does well with real sun light and not in a terrarium. I have tried high humidity under lights, and it never did very well. I haven't tired outdoor life, however. That being said, your ceph(s) could do well outdoors, but the only way to really find out would be to actually go for it. It also depends on how well yours would transition to outdoor life and how long that transition would take before you would bring it back indoors for the winter. The only way you are really going to know is if you try it.

    As for your helio, mine never could make the transition from terrarium to outdoor life. It was an N. minor. If you decide to try it, let us know how it goes. Good luck!

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    helis will do fine with 40F drops. humidity will be a deciding factor for the helis. im sure the ceph can take it as well as i grow mine under highland conditions.
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