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Thread: Heli windowsill update

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    Thanks for the comments.
    Quote Originally Posted by jimscott View Post
    I've got the same glass doors with southern exposure. My Heli and a few other things took a beating outside.

    I do not think you are supposed to use a magnifying glass to try to intensify the sunlight for your plants.

    I would think growing a heli outside would not be good for it.
    I just fried a new one I got because the tank got hotter then I thought it did. It hit 88-89 degrees. I thought the old withering pitchers was from the shock of shipping, and small root mass to support the growth. Then when the nice green growth point started to brown, I knew I had serious trouble.
    I should have placed it on the windowsill with this plant... oh well, live and learn.

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    I had it on the window sill, but not on my version of a "magic widow". It did fine... although I couldn't get much color... not like Butch, et al. So I tried in in a Sterilite container, in the bog next door. The temps were cool but the critters were mean to it and the other plants. So I put the survivors on the porch, which is like yours. The birds continued to get into the pots. So today I moved the Heli and the U. alpina tp the grow rack. They look horrible. Hopefully, Photobucket won't change the pictures on me!

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