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Thread: *sigh* Browning?

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    *sigh* Browning?

    So I've replanted everything maybe, a few days ago. Fresh media, pure water, brand new pots. Plants were soaked first. Whole 9 yards.
    At first, a couple plants' new growth wilted a bit. And I figured they just had a bad reaction.
    But the browning problem is happening again and I just, want to know why? Pitchers aren't doing much good if they're dead before they fully open.
    There's lots of new growth and sprouts, which I think is good, but that the majority of existing growth is dying off isn't, I don't think. My smallest plants just died totally.

    Any thoughts? I'm nearly certain it's not pests, and it's been cloudy alot lately (it just stormed tonight actually), but when it's not they're getting lots of sun...

    I'm just getting pretty bummed. I luffs my plants and hate seeing them so sad.

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    Sounds like they just need time. Could be next year before you see results if they've been stressed during the growing season.

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    Can you take some pictures for us? Generally during the growing season transplanted pitcher plants will show some stress, and existing pitchers will die off. what soil mix are you using for them and how much water do they get?
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