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Thread: heli tanks & pulchella pics

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    Quote Originally Posted by Av8tor1 View Post
    Nicely done Zu,
    H. pulchella is one of my fav species

    Thanks! I'm waiting on an H.pulchella from Chimanta from AW that should be coming through the mail early next week because I think it's my fave too...I just love the shape and the hair! And a sarracenioides

    Quote Originally Posted by chibae View Post
    Love the plants, just rearranged my tank with one lonely heli among the throng
    One must have at least one Heli, lest they be deficient as a person

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    thez yo: Nice plants, do you have that tank just outside growing with your nepenthes? Do you just use natural sun light? Again great plants!
    (EC) -Drew

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