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Thread: noob sarr question

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    They're fine in pure moss.

    Only issue is that they won't be anchored as well, but that should only be temporary as new roots bite into the moss.

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    Perfectly fine in pure LFS..nothing wrong with it at all..
    in fact, I would consider it the ideal mix..

    im using pure peat with a top dressing of LFS in my minibogs, but im only using the peat becuase the bogs are big, and peat is a lot cheaper than LFS..for smaller pots I prefer, and use, pure LFS..

    Quote Originally Posted by BurntSnow View Post
    But LSM is hard to care for to keep green.
    not really..
    if you are using good water, it stays green easily..
    and it doesnt really need to stay green anyway..dead and brown LFS is still an ideal planting media..
    IMO, its actually the best there is..

    (and just for clarification, most of the time when people talk about LFS for planting media. they are referring to "dead and brown" LFS!
    not green and living LFS..sometimes the brown dried moss you can buy can "come back to life" and start growing..probably from living spores in the dead strands..but thats just a "bonus" and is far from fact, sometimes the living moss can be a nusiance, because it can grow upward and cover/smother smaller plants, and it then has to be pruned back..the dead moss is easier to deal with..the only advantage to green living moss is that it looks nice..but its certaintly not necessary, or really any "better" than dead LFS..)


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