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Thread: Fungus?

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    I just bought a Sarracenia in a local garden center for their sale and did not notice the white webby stuff when I bought it. When I took it out of it's box I noticed a little bit of what looked like a spider web. But the next day after being in my new setup- the white webs became more prominent. So I stuck it outside for a while and ended up burning some of the leaves and the fungus did not disappear so I used a stick to flick the top layer of the soil off. But the white stuff came back.

    So is this fungus, and how can I kill it and prevent it next time without hurting the plant?

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    I wish I could identify it..
    But GreenLight Ready-To-Use Neem II is my go to for anything and everything. Neem Oil is a fungicide, so it should work

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    Could it be tiny spiders? i got a lot in my pots and they make webs like that.
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