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Thread: stolon cuttings

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    From what I can gather in the summer the highland areas can have temperatures in the low 100sF during the day and drop as much as the mid 50sF at night, sometimes even lower. The lowland areas can get day temps as high but not as much of a drop at night. You'd expect the lowlanders to do better in warmer conditions.

    I would suspect what is going on is that east of the Rocky Mountains you have less genetic variability from whoever supplies the tissue culture plants for the acrylic coffins then being finished in marginal or less than ideal green house conditions or that the plants are just in poor shape from being trucked thousands of miles from the west coast.
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    I have friends in Austin, Texas, who have little problem growing their Darlingtonia in the open under direct sun -- even over 100˚ -- and frequently take stolen cuttings. They generally keep the cuttings saturated in live sphagnum moss and the heat doesn't play that much of an issue . . .
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    I live near Buffalo, NY. We get summer temps that from the 70's to the low 90's. There was nothing sophisticated about this setup - just a planter with a cobra lily, sharing space with a couple Sarracenias. That plant sent out a stolon the previous year and two more last year. The stolon produced a stolon. The parent plant sent up flowers. I don't have a cold water drip system and it was in direct sunlight. Go figure...

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