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Thread: Another Sarracenia dormancy thread

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    I wouldnt bother with fungicide..
    with the pots all opened up, not bagged, you shouldnt have any fungus growth at all..
    plus fungicide is pretty people and pets..not a good thing to be spreading around indoors..
    I highly doubt you will need it at all..I would just forget about it completely.

    I seal my plants up in plastic bags all winter, and I dont even use or need fungicide!

    sounds like your dormancy system is pretty good!
    should work fine..
    the only thing I would worry about with an "indoor dormancy" is the plants being too warm..
    but if its truly an unheated room, and it generally stays in the 30's or 40's all of the time,
    then that is pretty ideal..

    if its a room you live in though, and you heat it up at times in the winter, thats not so good..
    think of the room as a big refrigerator!
    if it truly feels like a refrigerator all winter, then you are in good shape..


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    Hmmm, yeah, I might just pull a waiting game. I'll keep a close eye on them and make sure no mold starts growing. With the window cracked the majority of the time, they get a decent bit of circulation. I think I'll do that, just keep an eye on it.

    And, yeah, the room is actually a bathroom connected to a laundry room. I sealed up the vent for the heater in there, so it's not directly heated, though it probably gets some warmth from the house - not necessarily a bad thing since it's so friggin' cold at night these days. I keep the window cracked and the door shut with a blanket shoved up against the bottom of the door to keep it from drafting. I just threw a thermometer in with the plants to keep a good eye on them. I might even invest in one of those nice digital ones that keeps track of daily highs/lows. Couldn't hurt. My only concern is when we do laundry. The drier might heat the area up, but I close the door to the laundry room and open the laundry room's window all the way to vent the warm air out. I'll keep an eye on it next time we run a load.

    At any rate, they should be fine for the next week or so until we move into our new house and I have a garage to keep them in, where temperature should (theoretically) stay pretty consistently low. My main concern was that they weren't getting the picture to begin with and that they'd be entering a pretty late dormancy, but thanks to the advice here, I'm quite sure they're already dormant. Like I said, they stopped growing anything new a long time ago and some pitchers have died back and (just) got cut off. If the garage doesn't turn out to be consistently low enough, we're going to have an extra fridge that I guess I can just keep in the garage for dormancies. ^.^

    Thanks, guys!

    EDIT: If I do have to resort to the fridge method, I think I'll be trying to follow that thread that you posted, F R e N c H 3 z, so thanks for that!

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    The lion's share of my temperate plants are with a local nursery for the winter, where they have the temp set to be between 35-45F. For the small Sarracenia and some of the sundews I made a sulfur solution dip and placed the plants in baggies, in the back of the fridge.

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