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Thread: Green looking fungus.

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    Green looking fungus.

    I have a small group of Sarracenia growing outside in trays. Anyway, long story short, there seems to be some sort of green looking fungus growing in the potting mix (LFS and Canadian Spag moss). The plants in the pots effected seem to be rotting and dying off. I live in Western Australia; it's summer here at the moment - day time temps hovering about 30 - 35 Celsius. What should I do?

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    most fungus' require a narrow window of PH. If you can alter the PH of your mix without harming the plants, that particular fungus should subside.
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    What needs to be done, if anything, depends on what actually is growing on your medium. More likely it is moss or algae. But a picture is worth a thousand words.
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