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Thread: Thoughts on my Cephalotus?

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    Thoughts on my Cephalotus?

    What's up y'all

    I thought I might run something by you. I got this ceph a few months ago and after acclimating it, I repotted it.

    Here's one side of the ceph:

    (pardon the sand on it... last time I watered some of it splashed up onto the plant and I don't want to disturb it too much by brushing it off)

    Here's the other side:

    This happened shortly after I repotted it. I've been keeping a close eye on it... whatever this is doesn't appear to be spreading. And for what it's worth, the "pretty" side of the plant has developed more color steadily since I received it.

    Is this just transplant shock? Rot?? I've been very careful with the water, but you never know...


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    Repotting almost always results in some sort of die off for me. It's perfectly normal IMO.

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