Hello everyone! I wanted to ask some information about the St. Leucophylla var. "Alba" and S. Leucophylla "Bon Bon" ..
So I've always wondered one thing that I found on the Internet, even in the various topics ..
Given that so white varieties have been introduced into cultivation by Donald Schnell, who found in nature, this variety of yellow flowering leucophylla .It takes some seeds, then selected a clone that very white, which he called S. leucophylla 'Schnell ghost'. Even if this plant is considered a cultivar, is really part of a variety present in nature.E far we go.
What I wonder then, var. "alba" was introduced by whom? this variety can be asexual and reproduce by seed (as a variety), but unlike 'schnell ghost' has a red flower, as leucophylla 'Hurricane Creek White' (also found in nature and reproducible seed). So this var. Sunrise Well, who introduced it?
while for the "bon bon" is worth the stesso.and seed.Quindi this is reproducible by the same question: D