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Thread: Heli identification ;-)

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    Heli identification ;-)

    First example:
    Pitcher is pubescent on the interior and bright red/orange in color.
    Goosehead type of nectar spoon.
    Interior of pitcher is covered with fine hairs

    Full Size
    (That powdery area on the left is where I bumped a pollen laden cotton swab against it)

    Second example:
    Pitcher is glabrous on the interior. It is covered with a waxy type surface... the crackling of which is easily seen.
    Green in color

    Full Size

    Third example:
    Pitcher is pubescent on the margin, glabrous inboard of that.

    Full Size

    All three are current pitchers on the same plant.....

    I have two copies of this plant from two different sources.
    Each one listed as a different species.
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